US Civics Exam

Welcome to the US Civics Exam. People who apply to become US citizens must pass this quiz to become naturalized. 97% pass but nearly half of Americans, and most of our children, can’t answer six out of ten of these questions correctly. It’s not their fault. The basic knowledge of civics and history that we used to take for granted are often not covered in school anymore. And we know that a lack of civic knowledge and skills lowers the chances that children will grow up to achieve a lifetime of citizenship. We think a primary purpose of schools is to prepare students to be active and enthusiastic participants in our democracy. If you agree join us!

Can You Pass the US Civics Exam?

The U.S. Naturalization Exam is a basic test of civic knowledge and history that immigrants must pass in order to become U.S. citizens. Think you can pass the test? Give it a try!

Every new citizen must take and pass the test you just took to be naturalized. If you agree that ALL children should learn basic of civics and U.S. history sign our Challenge 2026 pledge. You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. %%RATING%%
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