Teach Your Children Well

I was pleased to have the chance to write a piece for over Independence Day on the civic mission of education.  The point is one I expect to make repeatedly here: “College and Career Ready” are important goals for those of us who toil in K-12 education, but a third “C” is equally valuable: citizenship.   Preparing kids for a lifetime of active engaged citizenship was a founding purpose of education in the U.S., but it has fallen into neglect.  The money quote from the CNN piece:

“One way or another, schools will shape our children as citizens. The question is whether we want them to do so by accident or neglect, or by thinking carefully about the civic knowledge, skills and republic-keeping mindset our children will need to nurture and maintain our democracy in the 21st century and beyond.”

The American Enterprise Institute’s Program on American Citizenship takes up the call here.  Joanne Jacob weighs in here.  Meanwhile if this is your first visit to our site, take a moment to test your own knowledge of civics and history



  1. Claus von Zastrow says:

    Robert, you hit this out of the park!

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